On September 15, the Ambassadors of five African countries to China, including Cameroon Ambassador Martin Mpana, Egyptian Ambassador Magdy Amer, Rwandan Ambassador Charles KAYONGA, Seychelles Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave, and Mozambican Minister Isac Massamby, and their entourages totaling 20 persons, visited Haima Automobile Group. The Chairman and President of Haima Automobile Group Qin Quanquan, the Vice President Lin Mingshi, and the General Manager of Haima Autobile International Cooperation Hang Fuyin received these guests with warm hospitality.

Qin Quanquan introduced the detailed information of Haima Automobile Group and overseas market development to the delegation. At present, Egypt, Algeria, and Angola in Africa are the sales markets of Haima Automobile Group. Till September, 2015, Haima Automobile Group has established cooperation relationship with the distributors of 26 countries and regions in Africa, Middle East, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia and realized the export of finished vehicles to Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Syria, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Philippines. Haima brand has been widely known in domestic market and has made a figure in overseas market, with the awareness and reputation improving year-on-year.

It’s reported that Haima initiated the globalization cause in 2006. In June, 2007, the first batch of Haima automobile vehicles was exported to Egypt. In 2010, the first Haima KD assembly project was put into production in Russia, symbolizing the upgrade from product export to technology output in overseas market and unveiling a brand-new step for Haima’s globalization cause. In 2012, Limited liability Company Haima Automobiles Rus was founded, initiating Haima’s independent operation in overseas market. Haima’s Iranian KD project will be put into official production in September.


“’Made in China’ is of great value for the development of Africa,” Rwandan Ambassador to China Charles card Yong said, “Africa is rich in resources, but is short of the technologies for resource transformation and appreciation. We really hope to promote the values of African products by means of ‘Made in China’.”

Five ambassadors and their entourages were deeply attracted by the Haima exhibit vehicles and the exquisite processes in workshops and stopped their steps from time to time for careful observation and discussion. They hoped that more and more Haima vehicles would settle in Africa and enable more African people to own a Haima vehicle.