December 31, 2016, SOK SOPHEAK, the Vice Minister of the Commerce Department of Cambodia, who lead a delegation with four members, paid a visit to the Haima Automobile Group (“Haima”), and received a warm welcome from Sun Zhongchun, the Chairman and President of Haima, Lu Guogang, the General Manager of FAW Haima Automobile Co. Ltd. (“FAW Haima”), Huang Fuyin, the General Manager of Hainan Haima Automobile International Trade Co., Ltd. (“Hainan Haima”)and Dong Guoqiang, the Deputy General Manager of Hainan Haima.


In front of the sand table of FAW Haima, Mr. Sun gave a detailed introduction of Haima to the Cambodian government delegation, including its history, milestones, scale, current business condition and overseas expansion, etc. As one of the China self-owned automobile brands, Haima, which started overseas business since 2006, has had a global reach in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America in last 10 years, and has established KD projects in Russia and Iran. On the strength of premium products and services, Haima has been recognized as a symbol of Chinese Automobile in the world.

Afterwards, the delegation visited the assembly workshop of Haima First Factory, and had a test drive of Haima S7, Haiman sedan Family and Haima Family MPV (V70). They praised on Haima’s sophisticated product technology and superior quality.

After the tour around Haima, both parties held a meeting at the conference room in the Cherry Building. SOK SOPHEAK expressed the eager desire of the royal family and government of Cambodia to boost the automobile industry, and his confidence in the brand of Haima and a promising future of Haima in Cambodian market. He said that the Cambodian government would provide all kinds of supportive policies and preferential terms to promote Haima’s business operation, investment and plant construction in Cambodia. The Vice Minister also invited Haima’s staff to make a business tour back to Cambodia.

During the meeting, both parties exchanged views about the cooperation mode and development frameworks for Haima’s business expansion in Cambodia, and reached a preliminary agreement on the establishment of a partnership. The management team of Haima expressed the intention to organize a delegation to visit Cambodia as soon as possible.

The meeting ended in a friendly and pleasant mood. “We gathered at Haima on the last day of 2016. It is a remarkable day, which promises a good beginning of the cooperation between Haima and Cambodian government,” said TEA KONG, the Minister Counselor of the Cambodian Consulate in China.