From November to December 5, 2015, Haima Algeria distributor, AKBOU AUTO, held a series of large promotional activities in Carrfour shopping mall in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. The shopping mall is a new city commercial and entertainment complex with daily visitors of more than 10,000.

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During the 14 day campaign, AKBOU AUTO featured various Haima models such as Haima 1, 2, 3, M3, M5, S5 and local customers had a special price offer for auto purchase at the end of year. The best discount was less 200,000 Algerian Dinar (USD 1863). The event had a great Algerian themed display with entertainment and interactive games. The archery match is the most popular one, where the champion won a Haima 1 prize.

Akbou Auto sold 200 Haima cars during this successful event, and M3 had the most number sold at 84 units. It became the most popular Haima car in Algeria. In 2015, Chinese brands were given a serious consideration by the auto enthusiasts. Due to good quality, fine service and effective promotional activities, Haima broke through successfully in the cold Algeria auto market, and played the field perfectly.

In 2015, Akbou Auto also sponsored a young football team in Akbou city and they became champion of the provincial league and proved a strong competitor in the national leagues. Akbou Auto is participating in the Western Auto Show (Oran Auto show) in Oran, the second largest city of Algeria.

↑“Haima” adolescent football team