From March 7 to 9, 2016, the officers from Holland Transportation Department, who represent the EU (European Union) issued the COP (Conformity Of Production) factory inspection to FAW Haima. This means its production procedures and quality confirmation system are in accordance with the requirements and regulations of EU production standards.

Also, all the EU standard certificates FAW Haima applied before are still effective. Haima models which have the EU certificates are at par with international standards.

2↑Inspection Meeting

COP (Conformity Of Production) factory inspection is done according to the requirements of EU regulations and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), for all the manufacturers who apply for the certificates under EU regulations.

All products sold in EU should pass the certification tests from ECE and must accept the COP Factory Inspection by the Transportation department. The said department of EU will issue the COP certification to manufacturer with the validity period of two years. Only after the manufacturer gets the COP certification, all its other certificates related with the EU standard will remain in effect.

3-1↑Production Field Inspection