C! Magazine, the Philippines’ and Asia’s most trusted auto authority, describes this new Haima Automobile Philippines, Inc.’s newest baby as the pleasant “Oriental Surprise.” And then, C! recommends checking out a Haima!

For starters, C! shares in its review: “It may be a bit unusual that a certain automotive brand is usuallly spotted up North of Manila, particularly the Pampanga area. A most prominent name when it comes to the large-scale distribution of automobiles from multiple brands, Haima, is a Chinese brand distributed under the famous Laus Group. What joined-up with our road trip by the time we got to San Fernando, Pampanga was a Haima M3.”

The C! test and review team, seasoned and tried, quipped it was a privilege to take the first crack at the new generation Haima 3, though the crew initially felt clueless and curious.

“Like Meerkats craning their necks on the African tundra, the C! Team stood up in unison when someone blurted out its arrival, both clueless and curious of how it might look . First glance did not disappoint , the M3 is a looker,” the C! Team noted.

The C! Team adds that “the M3 has a look of its own, and a uniquely handsome one at that. With a 4-door compact sedan configuration, the Haima M3 looks sleek and well-designed, bearing a somewhat alert gaze from its Euro-inspired fascia. Looks may be the first thing, but certainly not the only thing that makes for a good car.”

2-Wheel Editor for C!’s Motorcycle section Maynard Marcelo gets behind the wheel, and gets his initial driving impressions as another team member drives car.

“The M3 comes powered with a 1.5-Liter Gasoline-fed engine, and this particular variant is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The feel is typical of an M/T compact sedan these days, and that’s good- with a light-feeling clutch, well ratio’d gears, and ample top-end power and acceleration. At expressway speeds, the car did not feel belabored at all, and NVS (noise/vibration/harshness) levels are impressive,” said C!

Then the C! Team described the interior of the Haima M3 as truly a plus.

“Roominess is a plus, especially at the backset area, and the combination of black beige and silver for the interior appointment was tastefully done, and the entertainment system is well-featured. Standard are dual SRS airbags up front, as well as ABS-so, the biggest feature if you’ll put all of that into consideration, is its price which at the time of this writing is pegged at P669 000.00 for the top M/T variant. We believe it’s high time to check out a Haima M3.”